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Play Relic Runway

Collect coins, artifacts and other valuables in one run through a route full of obstacles and dangers that will put you in difficulty. Among the Inca ruins the run is difficult and you must carefully guide the runner in the game.

Relic Runway Game

The goal of this game is to unlock various Inca relics but also others such as Chinese or ninja in a race full of mystery in which your reaction skills will be put to the test. Be prepared at any time to encounter obstacles that will block your run.

How to play Relic Runway

To control the runner you just need to operate the arrow keys depending on the direction you want to go. To start with you can learn to use them by following the instructions you will be given at the beginning of the first round.

Try to collect as many coins as possible, with them you can buy various improvements in the shop section. To be able to get as far as possible in this adventure you have to buy magnets, atv or shield with the accumulated coins. There are also many more items you can purchase to improve your run.

It's a pretty good game from Gemioli, ready to take up many wonderful minutes. For more coins in your account you can watch tutorials or give a share, the options are many in this game.

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