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👍Run 3🥉

Prepare yourself for a unique and thrilling experience as you push your limits in this innovative game, the latest in the Run series. Traverse gravity-defying tracks, overcome challenging obstacles, and embark on an adventure to test your skills, reflexes, and tons of skins with exciting new modes.

While the visuals aren’t something to write home about, dynamic gameplay mechanics and an immersive soundtrack are what make this browser-based game so great. Run 3 will transport you to a world with endless possibilities and amazing rewards. Get ready to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the extraordinary in Run 3 on!

Run 3 Online

Most runners only offer endless runners with few rewards and unlock but Run 3, available on, is one of 16 fantastic runner games, boosts, and two galactic modes with tons of skins. Furthermore, you can always see your ever-expanding progress on the galaxy map.

You start with a Bland Runner who wants to explore everything, but you know she needs to score high so that you can unlock other amazing runners. As soon as you finish level 10, you can unlock the Speedster that moves much faster, or you can simply unlock early for just 300 power cells. So now it's up to you to explore the galaxy and unlock these extraordinary characters like Eccentric Power Cell Collector or the Lightweight Youngster.
Step into the cosmic realm of Run 3 on and prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure, as you can play it on any device with a browser and internet connection.

How to Play Run 3

Follow these steps to start your thrilling adventure:

  • Choose your mode and start running, avoiding pitfalls into space using arrow keys sideways or jumping as high as possible to cover more distance.
  • Run the space tunnel with your primary character, or unlock more by completing levels and challenges.
  • The more you run, the more chances there are to unlock achievements.
  • Each character has unique power, like a Skater running faster or the Student who can defy gravity. The best is Angel, who can get a burst of speed whenever needed.

So what are you waiting for? Play Run 3 now and experience the thrill of futuristic running!

Wrap Up!

Start today on your mobile, smart TV, PC, or laptop, the ease gives gamers is admirable. The time for browser-based games and tons of fun is back!

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