Run 1

It is time to run for your live with unblocked levels at run 1. You must help little alien to go as far as possible between obstacles and empty spaces in this run1 game version. This is the first version of the Run game "run 1", released in 2008, it seems to be very good in the players' online environment.


The game itself is relatively simple, starting from the idea of avoiding holes in the space and run, in a limited space and without too many options. In case you will fail, the respawn time is very short, a good think to not get bored. You can immediately go to the next level after finishing the previous one on run 1.

Play Run 1 Unblocked

To control the run 1 alien just use left and right arrows and spacebar to jump. With these three keys you can move your player as you wish.

The updates to this version run1 unblocked are few and small, but they make the difference. The bad think is that the character has no face and is running all the time without stopping. Run 1 is an intense skill game that will make you better every time you lose. It is simple to play on any device that support html5. You have many levels to play in two ways: adventure and infinite mode.

Run 1 Online

These modes will give you the option to train you better and make a higher score. Select the speed of the game. If are a beginner just take it slow first. Follow the speed and have your eyes focused on the holes that you have to jump over. The main reason you play run1 is for highscore. The game have no end, the purpose is to make a bigger score to compete with other online players. If you want to have your own map to play, just simply create your own inside the game. It is easy and fun, just try and see!



Keep the ball on the track and avoid falling down, dodge obstacles and earn points.

run 2

Run 2

Run 2 takes the game further, having the choice of the player you want afther get unblocked.

run 3

Run 3

Run 3 it is the best game from this series, just unlock players and run to finish all space tubes.

among us

Among Us

Escape game that will get your attention, follow impostors, eliminate them to win.


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