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This is the original run game that you can play online and exclusively on for free. The Run 1 game is clean and simple to understand, you have to respect the law of gravity and avoid falling through holes in your route while running endlessly.

Run 1 - Conquer the Endless Runner

Run 1 is a popular game created by a Canadian programmer in 2008 and which has been a resounding success. In this game you must control a small grey character who runs non-stop to the next level. As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter a variety of tunnels that are becoming increasingly difficult to cross in order to survive.

Are you ready to sprint toward victory? Look no further than run 1 on! This dynamic game will awaken your passion for running and overcoming obstacles while taking you on an exciting adventure in space.

This is the 1st game of the series where the gameplay is more straightforward, yet the developer’s hard work shows how smooth and interactive the game is. Even though the later parts of the series offer many different modes and characters, run 1 holds its own while giving you the nostalgia you need.

Run 1, available on, is an exhilarating endless running game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this game, you control an agile runner who must navigate challenging levels with obstacles and hazards. You will experience growing challenges and speed with each level.

The best part about playing on is that it offers the convenience of accessing the game from any device with an active internet connection, allowing you to enjoy the fast-paced excitement of run 1 wherever you are.

How to Play Run 1

To control the alien in run 1, simply use the left and right arrows and the space bar to jump. You can also use "w" for jump and "a", "d" for left and right movement, as well as rotate. With these three keys, you can move the player as you wish. You can also select the desired speed at which the character in the game to run, but you can also pause by pressing the top right button. The sound can be turned off with a click if it bothers you, but it makes the game more relaxing.

Here are the steps to dive into the fast-paced gameplay:

    Visit the website and select Run 1 from the library. It will be the first game on the list.

    This game has the adventure mode and the option of choosing Normal or Fast Speed.

    Please start with the Normal Speed and learn all the game’s quirks until you become a master in it. Don’t worry; the Normal Speed mode isn’t easy in the later stages.

    When you are confident, you can choose the Fast Mode, replay any level, and see if you can still complete it or fall into the abyss.

    Use the arrow keys or swipe gestures to control your runner's movement.

    Jump over obstacles and gaps by pressing the spacebar or tapping the screen.

    Aim to run as far as possible until you finish the level while avoiding the game’s pitfalls.

    Challenge yourself to beat the high scores and climb the leaderboard.


Embrace the exhilarating world of endless running with Run 1 on Lace-up your virtual running shoes and embark on an unforgettable journey towards victory on this fantastic browser-based game.

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