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Om Nom Run Adventure

Om Nom Run, The Run Continues, is an exciting web-based game on, featuring the beloved character Om Nom from the Cut the Rope franchise. Om Nom Run has captivated players of all ages by offering endless running fun, new and exciting levels with increasing difficulty and rewards, engaging gameplay mechanics, and charming visuals. Let's embark on a thrilling adventure with Om Nom and discover the delightful world of Om Nom Run.

Play Om Nom Run Game

Om Nom Run the run continues presents players with an endless running experience filled with obstacles, power-ups, and rewards. As Om Nom, players must navigate through vibrant and challenging levels while collecting stars and avoiding obstacles. 

The game is arcade based and consists of 120 levels. Each is designed uniquely, providing the player with a new gaming experience. As you start the game, you will be playing a game with the default Om Nom skin, but later on, you can purchase the other skins with the in-game currency. Moreover, you can also collect the daily reward from a free spin wheel.

How to Play Om Nom Run

Control of the game is effortless by using the arrow keys or swiping left/right or up/down on mobile devices. In the game, you must avoid the obstacle and collect the coins.

  • Use the arrow keys to direct the Om Nom
  • Use the “left/right arrow key” to turn your Om Nom left or avoid upcoming trains and obstacles.
  • Use the “up” key to jump and down key to pass under barriers and other obstacles.

Power-ups and Rewards

Throughout the game, Om Nom encounters various power-ups and rewards that enhance the gameplay. Power-ups such as speed boosts, magnets, and shields help players overcome obstacles and collect stars more efficiently. Collecting stars allows players to unlock exciting new levels, customization options, and adorable outfits for Om Nom. The rewarding progression system adds an extra layer of motivation, encouraging players to achieve high scores and explore new challenges in the game.
The various customization options allow players to dress up Om Nom and other characters in stylish outfits. The ability to personalize the characters adds a fun and personal touch to the game, making each run with Om Nom a visually delightful experience.


If you ever get a chance to play Subway Surfers, you will probably like the Om Nom Run. This game follows the exact mechanism of the old Subway Surfer game. However, in Om Nom, you are not chased by any cop. You only need to complete the objective of the mission to complete

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