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Cut The Rope

A cute game of intuitive thinking in which you have to feed the character Om Nom with lollipops, by cutting a string so he can reach all the desired objects.

Play Cut The Rope Game

A mysterious package arrives at your door, the animal inside feeds only on lollipops. To get to the lollipops you want you have to break various ropes designed to confuse you into feeding the Om Nom character.

It's quite a childish game I would say, but it's good for adults too. It will make you think strategically and in advance, create strategies to finish each level. As each level passes the game becomes more complex. You have several seasons that you can play at any time, try to earn all three stars for a maximum score.

How to Play Cut The Rope

To control the game just use the mouse, and with a horizontal movement you can cut each candy tied to the string.

    - slide the mouse arrow to cut the rope -

    - replay or get the next level as you wish -

    - try to collect all 3 stars -

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