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Cut The Rope Time Travel Version

Go back in time with Om Nom in an exciting new version of this Cut The Rope game and get ready for new challenges that will make you think.

Play Cut The Rope Time Travel

The playful Om Nom makes a monumental mistake and accesses a time machine that will take him back in time with his pirate ancestor. In this journey you will have to feed candy to the two characters at the same time, which will make it more difficult to execute.

The gameplay remains the same but the background changes and it becomes more complicated to cut these ropes. Use the various objects provided to move those candy hanging that they get in the correct position to be released.

How to Play Cut The Rope Time Travel

Use the mouse to release the candy into the mouths of these Om Nom characters.

    Collect as many stars as possible to unlock different characters from the past.

    Execute various mouse movements to cut the rope.

    Some levels have clear instructions on how to move the candy, so pay attention to them.

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