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Cut The Rope 2

Cut the rope goes one step further with the second version of the game which includes new levels and different strategies to reach the much desired lollipops.

New Puzzle in Cut The Rope 2

The game remains the same as you know it, it's the exact version on your phone. Om Nom must be fuelled with lollipops through a series of cuts of ropes attached to candy. Carefully choose which rope to cut in order to reach all three stars important for your score.

The beauty is that you can repeat the game as many times as you like to improve your cuts. Some are easier, some more difficult, it's like a puzzle to be solved. At the end the lollipop has to go into Om Nom's mouth, it's that simple.

How to Play Cut The Rope 2

The mouse will help you to cut each rope by a simple horizontal click together with the left click. You can do it from any position but you must move the arrow at the same time.

    Before cutting the rope, carefully examine if it is the right one.

    Sometimes to finish the game faster you can avoid collecting stars.

    Ads can be annoying but you can skip them.

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