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Among Us Online

Do you like the wildly popular social deduction game, Among Us? If so, you are in luck! has brought this exciting game online for your convenience. Join or create a private room with friends or random players and embark on a journey through space to identify and vote off any imposters among your crew. Customize your character and test your strategic skills as you complete tasks and uncover the truth. Play now and see if you have what it takes to survive in Among Us online!


Among Us is a game that acquires many aspects like a murder mystery, puzzle, and survival. The main attraction in the game is teamwork which includes some basics to keep the ship maintained and running efficiently. The hurdle is that at least one individual is known as an imposter; he will try to murder everyone on board instead of trying to complete the tasks.
Team members have to accomplish their tasks and find out the imposter. If the player cannot find out the imposter as soon as possible, the players trying to fix the ship will be defeated, and the game will be over when the imposter wins.

How to Play Among Us Online

If you think you are well prepared and anxious to join the space adventure and unleash the imposters among your crewmates, here is how to play Among Us online on

  • Choose to join a room or create a private one according to your interest.
  • Hold on for a while till other players join the game.
  • Once in the game, players will be assigned roles as crewmates and imposters.
  • Crewmates must complete tasks to keep the spaceship running while identifying and voting off any suspected imposters to avoid damage from them.
  • Imposters must sabotage the crewmates' efforts and avoid being detected.
  • Use chat and discussion to uncover any suspicious behavior.
  • Continue playing until all tasks are completed, or all imposters are voted off the ship.

Wrap Up!

Among Us is the ultimate social deduction game which includes a lot of tasks to run the ship and some Imposters to identify and eliminate. Play and experience the joy of going through the levels of the game on your browser from any device.


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