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Baby Run

Welcome to the newest installment of the beloved "Baby Run" series - "Baby Run 3 Game"! l, prepare to embark on an epic adventure full of pitfalls, crumbling patches, and rotating platforms, and you can fall into the space if you are not careful. With its colorful graphics, playful sound effects, and challenging and ever-changing obstacles, this game is perfect for kids and parents who love a good challenge.

With each level, the difficulty increases, so get ready to use your quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to make it through to the end.

Play Baby Run 3 Online

Don't be fooled by the simple premise and look of the game because while you first play the game, you are just controlling the galactic baby avoiding the pitfalls into space using arrow keys. You occasionally need to press the space bar to jump over holes in the tunnel that can rotate if you press the arrow keys near the walls.
There will also be crumbling tiles along the way; if you run too long on them, they will crumble, leaving insufficient space to run or jump.

The early levels are much easier as you have tons of space to run, but once you reach higher levels, there are more falls than running space. You have to time your jump because if you press the keyboard or jump longer, the longer you jump. It is as if the baby is flying. So, you miss the next platform with one wrong move and instead fall into space.

How to Play Baby Run 3?

  • Press play and start playing immediately. You can also choose to play the previous level you have played before to see if the run is more challenging.
  • Control the baby with left and right keys or swiping if you are on a mobile device.
  • The longer you press space or jump, the longer you can stay in the air up to a specific limit. This can be beneficial as well as dangerous for your baby.
  • Press long enough, and you might miss your chance to jump again and lose a life to start over.

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